Zekie - The Adorable Monkey Kids’ Blanket


Brand: fuzziedot

Give children the gift of a cuddly monkey blanket that they will cherish for years to come!

  • Made from incredibly soft materials that are perfect for children.
  • Features a friendly monkey face that kids will love.
  • Children may snuggle up inside of this blanket or lay on top of it.
  • Unique embellished ears to satisfy curious kids and encourage tactile development.

Whether you are shopping for a gift for your own children or a loved one’s kids, this cute, cuddly monkey kids’ blanket is sure to be a treasure. Zekie is curious and likes to play games. He loves to explore and be chased. When it's bedtime, he looks up at the stars and dreams about the games being played afar. Just imagine the fun your child and Zekie will have! Purchase a Zekie blanket for your child today and discover the amazing craftsmanship for yourself!

  • One Zekie children’s blanket
  • A design that is suitable for boy and girls of every age
  • Color: brown and tan face with brightly colored ears
  • Size: 60 inches ear-to-ear, 45 inches top-to-bottom
  • 100% polyester Minky
  • Care Instructions: Wash in cold water on gentle cycle, air dry only