Zofie - Kids Minky Puppy Blanket


Brand: fuzziedot

Your children will love snuggling with this incredibly soft, Minky puppy!

  • Made from soft and durable Minky fabric, with kids’ needs in mind.
  • Features a smiling puppy face that children of all ages will cherish.
  • Unique design allows children to snuggle inside the blanket or lay on top of it.
  • Colorful ribbon embellishments on the ears allow for fun interactive play.

If you are shopping for a wonderfully soft puppy character blanket, look no further than the Zofie blankie from Fuzzie Dot™! Zofie will hold your child’s heart from the minute you bring this special children’s blanket home. Your child can cuddle this blanket when he or she is feeling a little sad and Zofie will help comfort your child. Zofie is a fantastic pal for children, young and old. To purchase a high-quality Minky Puppy blanket, order your Zofie today!

  • One Zofie, white minky puppy blanket
  • A design that is suitable for boy and girls of every age
  • Color: white with bright ribbon embellishments on ears
  • Size: 45 inches ear-to-ear, 34x15 inch plush ears
  • 100% polyester Minky
  • Care Instructions: Wash in cold water on gentle cycle, air dry only