Our Story


Fuzzie Dot started with two babies and an aunt's desire to give a unique gift.

In 2013, two nieces received two round blankets for their first children, and those blankets inspired the creation of Fuzzie Dot.  Today, cutting fabric and ribbons, coordinating brand development, sewing, and marketing are all performed by family members. 

From Zorie the panda to Ziggie the piggy, and our entire collection of Luxie Dots, everyone in the gang has their own special story to tell. No matter what animal your child likes, or color you may be drawn to, there’s a perfect blanket for everyone. 

Why Choose Us

Handmade in California, Fuzzie Dot blankets are designed to be comfy for kids of all ages.  When it comes to our 100-percent polyester Minky products, we focus on quality because we believe that you deserve the best. We know that life can get busy, so all of our products are machine washable and can easily be laid flat to dry. Shop our store and explore our selection of Fuzzie Dots.