"It is so soft and cuddly!"

"I wish I knew more little ones to give these blankets to! I've purchased the elephant and the dog blankets for two special babies and they LOVED them! Oliver wouldn't lay on his stomach until he laid on the elephant blanket-it is so soft and cuddly!"


"Not your ordinary square baby blanket!"

Hi, thank you for offering these animal blankets!
I ordered the LAMB.  I couldn’t have been happier with the overall quality and ribbon detailing of this blanket.  My granddaughter loves it!  This blanket is sooo soft- like a cloud.

These blankets are perfect for your baby to play on, or as a snuggler for your toddler or young child.  I’m going to order more as gifts!" 

- Doreen 

"Even with all that intense love, her blanket is as soft and intact as the day she unwrapped it."

"When I took my first look at the baby-blanket samples, I had no intention of buying one since my granddaughters were no longer babies. But the blankets were so beautifully enticing I couldn’t resist getting the piggy blanket for my six-year old granddaughter, Cassidy. She and I have developed a piggy theme ever since I took her to a petting zoo and an aggressive little pig frightened her.

She’s now seven and that piggy blanket might just be her most valued possession. It goes everywhere with her: in the car on the way to and from school; outside to sit on with her sisters and friends who gather in a circle to play games or enjoy a tea party; on the couch to snuggle and read with grandma; and bedtime is the sweetest of all as she’s off to dreamland cuddled up in her beloved piggy blanket.

Cassidy has dragged her blanket from place to place, inside and out, through tea- party spills and sister tug-o-wars. It has been washed numerous times over these past several months. Even with all that intense love her blanket is as soft and intact as the day she unwrapped it. I’m glad I didn’t let the words “baby blanket” stop me from giving this meaningful gift to my sweet Cassidy."


"This is the blanket of every kid's dream."

"Three of my sweet grandchildren have an animal blanket by Fuzzie Dot. One not only uses it to let the baby snuggle on but it makes a darling rug in the nursery.  The other two love to find comfort wrapped up in it day and night. This is the blanket of every kid's dream."


"By far, this was the best gift our son received."

"When our son was born his Aunty bought him a fuzzie dot!!! He received the panda!!!  Not only is it super cute, it also functioned for many other things as our son has grown up!  At the newborn stage we specifically loved that the panda was black and white considering these are the first colors babies see.  It captivated my son!  He took naps on it and as he got older he started working on tummy time and rolling over on it!  We are now at the point where our son treats it as his cozy, soft, giant blankie!  It's so nice because the material is so soft and cuddly and both sides are covered in that soft comforting feel.  By far, this was the best gift our son received and I can't wait to choose another animal for our future child on the way!  Thanks so much fuzzie dot!"


"Oh so soft and loving reminder."

"I'll begin by saying that my Fuzzie Dot lamb has been an "oh so soft and loving reminder" for my 9 year old granddaughter during her recovery from Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome.

When I've been unable to comfort her in person, this cuddly and warm blanket covered her with love and encouragement -all the way from California.  I'll end by saying that your 1) inspired creations and 2) quality craftsmanship make your designs simply irresistible-ever-lasting gifts. Thank you!"


"It is absolutely adorable."

"My mom purchased the lamb blanket for my newborn daughter and it is absolutely adorable.  It is so soft and a great size for her to practice tummy time on.  Thanks!"


"Quality work that will last until the next child."

"The snuggly lamb has been a favorite of our youngest grandchild.  She enjoys wrapping up in it during story time.  The unique features makes it so adorable and lifelike.  Quality work that will last until the next child!"


"Everyone just loves how soft & cuddly it feels."

"These animal blankets are great for gifts.  I have given them as a baby shower gift as well as a "just thinking of you" gift.  Everyone just loves how soft & cuddly it feels.  The material & workmanship is excellent!"


"Beyond thrilled with the purchase of the fuzzie dot elephant blanket!"

"Beyond thrilled with the purchase of the fuzzie dot elephant blanket!!  I gave this as a baby shower gift and it was the talk of the party.  All of the designs were so adorable and it was difficult to pick just one!  Not only are these blankets made with quality (and extremely cozy) materials , but they are ample in size as well.  It's the perfect gift!"


"Each blanket is a unique, handmade work of art."

"I purchased two of these adorable blankets.  One for my grand baby and one for my friend.  I chose the elephant for both.  They are so big and soft for thee babies to play on or cuddle in.  Each blanket is a unique, handmade work of art.  I love that their favorite blanket is something that they can keep and treasure.  Super cute! Love my blankets!"