Zoobie - The Plush Puppy Kids Blanket


Brand: fuzziedot

Buy the puppy children’s blanket that is perfect for dog-loving children of all ages!

  • Crafted from durable and cuddly materials that are ideal for kids.
  • Features a sweet puppy face that children will adore.
  • Older kids will love curling up inside of this blanket or laying on top of it.
  • Ribbon embellishments on puppy ears are perfect for tactile development.

Are you searching for plush puppy kids blankets online? Look no further than the Zoobie blanket from Fuzzie Dot™! Your child will come to find that adventure is Zoobie's middle name. He enjoys the hiking the trails with your kids, and he loves to help them play their favorite games. He is always by your child’s side when he or she needs him most. Zoobie is our hero. Order a Zoobie puppy baby blanket for your kids today!


  • One Zoobie puppy kids blanket
  • A design that is suitable for boy and girls of every age
  • Color: ivory and brown with bright ribbon embellishments on ears
  • Size: 45 inches ear-to-ear, 34x15 inch plush ears
  • 100% polyester Minky
  • Care Instructions: Wash in cold water on gentle cycle, air dry only