Zoki & Zoku - Elephant Minky Kids’ Blanket


Brand: fuzziedot

Give your child a gift of a snuggly blankie that they will cherish for years!

  • Made from plush and durable materials for years of enjoyment.
  • Features a sweet elephant’s face that children of all ages will love.
  • Kids can cuddle up inside of the blankie or lay on top of this versatile product.
  • Gender-appropriate, colorful ribbon embellishments on ears for fun interactive play.

Twin elephants are so rare and brother and sister Zoki and Zoku are a sight to see. If your child loves elephants, or if you have children who are twins, then these plush children’s blankets are a must-have addition to your household. These plush blankies are made from 100% polyester Minky to provide a soft, yet durable, snuggle buddies for your children. Zoki has pink and purple ribbons on her ears to make every little girl smile, and boys love Zoku’s red and blue ribbon embellishments. These two elephant kids’ blankets are sold separately, but they pair together perfectly. Order yours today!


  • One Zoki or Zoku elephant kids’ blanket
  • A design that is suitable for boy and girls of every age
  • Zoki Color: gray with pink and purple ribbon embellishments
  • Zoku Color: gray with red and blue ribbon embellishments
    • *Mini has blue, green and yellow embellishments
  • Size: Regular, Small, Mini
  • 100% polyester Minky
  • Care Instructions: Wash in cold water on gentle cycle, air dry only